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Zessage - Website Video Messages - Receive video messages & screen recordings from your website | Product Hunt
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What code do I need to add to my website?
Add the following code above the closing < /body> tag.
How long can my visitors record?
60 seconds is the max video length currently. We may allow for longer recording in the future.
How do we change the button on our website?
You can design your own Zessage trigger button simply by making your new button with an ID of "zessage". That's it.

Our code looks for an element with the id="zessage". If it's not there, we add our standard button to the bottom right of your webpage.

Once you add your own button, you can change the style using your own css, images, etc as you would any other element on your website.

FYI: The "Try it Now!" button on this page is fully customized and overwriting the style of the default button.
Does this work on Firefox/Edge/Safari?
Not yet. It currently only works in the Chrome browser. We are working on a Firefox version and testing on Microsoft Edge & Safari.
Does this work with Mobile?
Not yet. Screen recording on a mobile phone works differently than a browser, however we are working on allowing visitors to record themselves with their phone and upload their video message without recording the screen.
Are you going to support languages other than English?
Yes, we are working on translations for Spanish, French, German, Hindi, Arabic, Japanese, Russian, Portugese, Korean & more.

Additionally, you can also customize your record button to use any language you choose. Our instructions are the only elements that need to be translated from English. We tried to use icon for as many elements as possible.

Video Message Widget
Let your visitors & customers instantly send you video messages to share their thoughts, convey their issues & more.

Copy the code below & paste it on your website.
Add this code just above the closing body tag (< / body >)

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Make sure the video messages sent to your website are forwarded to the right email address.

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